Andy S.

Andy S.


I went to Dr. Solomon for botox. I received an amazon deal so I figured, why not? . Anyone can administer botox, right? It’s just a needle prick. I have had botox a few  times in the past, so how different could it be from place to place?

To my amazement and complete shock, I discovered it can be administered in many different ways and not always in an advantageous way for the patient.  Dr.Solomon did a few things I have never seen before. And because of this I will never get botox from anyone else.
First, HE actually administered it. He has been administering botox for years for therapeutic reasons therefore, he has years of training, experience and knowledge about the product.
Second, he took time to examine my face and then used a marker to place where the Botox would be injected to be sure it was correct place. Little did I know there could be serious side effects if even slighlty in the wrong place. The thoroughness made me feel like I was in good hands.
Third, he then showed me on a diagram WHERE and WHY he was injecting the botox.
Fourth, he went to the refrigerator and got a new bottle of  botox. Little did I know the efficacy of Botox is much better when fresh.
Fifth, he explained to me how much saline he was mixing in. I had no idea you needed saline and that he strictly follows the FDA guidelines, which produces  the best results.

Why didn’t I know all this from past experiences from getting Botox? Because, either no one took the time to tell me about the service they were providing or didn’t have the knowledge. Either reason should not be acceptable when dealing with a person’s face.

My results were like no other I have ever experienced. The botox worked so much better! I felt as though he was following proper guidelines, took extra care of me and the assurance I felt that I won’t  have weird long term effects were priceless.

Ladies, I know it’s just a prick of the skin, but there is science and training and there are regulations behind it. Dr.Solomon follows it strictly and I feel as though I am ahead of the game, taking the absolute best care of myself in terms of having botox. I am afraid there are lots of people out there who have done the minimum amount of training, try to stretch the botox, and don’t take the time to administer it properly. I will never go to anyone else.