Bassel N.

Bassel N.


Straight to the point, I have been a TMJ victim for over 7 years.

I have suffered all kinds of symptoms and tried all possible remedies in the book to the point that I became a TMJ pro in my own way. I watched every possible video on Youtube, every medical post and researched every medical website, not to mention that I also tried every possible treatment from Braces to night guards to muscle relaxants etc…All that didn’t come for free and Ive spent till this day over 15,000$!

When I moved to LA last year I had so much pain as usual and I tried different doctors who always tried to sell me all these products and treatments.
I ad to go online to find CCIND and ever since then, game over.

I have been put on a custom made Mouth Guard and its never been the same ever since. My pain is now gone and my whole life has changed.

Not to mention the ease to deal with these people and the type of care they give you from the moment you book an appointment to the time you have to pay etc…

Nothing but great stuff to say about this place.
5 stars for sure.