Cathy S.

Cathy S.


A warm welcome as soon as I open the door! And a comfortable seating area to boot.

Being that is was my first time there, a lovely woman gave me a full tour of the facilities. They’ve achieved a great balance of modern, clean, and comfortable. After the grand tour, she offered me a sit in the relaxation room (with massage chair), while I wait for my room to be ready.

Once seated in my room, Dr. Solomon promptly came in and greeted me. He gave me a thorough inspection, followed with x-rays. Super friendly, professional, and totally not abrasive. After my given my dental plan, a really friendly hygienist performed my cleaning. I was out the door in under an hour.

Oh, and she suggested to bring in headphones to listen to music while you get worked on. Novel idea.

Since living in LA, I’ve sort of hopped around dentists trying to find the right fit, and I believe I found it.

Free Parking Lot in the Back!