Emily K.

Emily K.


The service and quality of this establishment is really unparalleled. I’ve been to several dentists’ offices in my lifetime   Just this year alone I’ve been four times because of my wisdom teeth. I came to CCIND for several reasons:whitening, cleaning and TMJ.

I hadn’t gotten my teeth whitened and cleaned in a long time. So I with was nice to pamper my teeth  for once. The procedure took about an hour and half. They didn’t make me wait in the waiting room and I was seen right away!!!!!!!!! I really hate that other dentists schedule appointments and then make you wait. But CCIND even called me the night before to confirm my appointment. The paperwork was quick and they even took a photo so they could remember my face. I thought. It was a nice personal touch.

There is parking in the back!!!! LA is notorious for traffic and lack of parking; so I really appreciate when establishments have parking spots available.
Super friendly (almost family like staff)
Very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions with patience and care
Very organized  filing system (This appeals to the teacher in me)
They let you watch movies on their google glasses during the whitening so you don’t need to stare at the wall of an hour.
Very clean facilities.
Painless!!!! I have never been to a dentist appointment where no pain was involved. So impressed.
The staff I checks up on you to make sure you’re comfortable.
Even the chair you sit in is comfortable.
They really took to time and effort to make the office seem like home. From the decor to the staff, everything thing felt inviting and warm.

None that I could think of. I mean, if I really had to complain I would say, they’re just too friendly (*total sarcasm*).