Florence L.

Florence L.


It is truly as good as it gets here.

The office is beautiful, modern and clean. A very homey vibe which helped to put me at ease. I’ve gotten quite a bit of work done in the past few years and i am still terrified to go to the dentist. I didn’t have to be afraid here. From the front staff, Nadar and Fay, to the back office, Wilma and Dr.Sid, everyone put me at ease and answered any and all questions i had. Everyone was so fantastic and kind. i really felt good being there.

First Wilma took some xrays and then Dr. Sid, who i love btw, came in to talk to me. Went over all my treatment i will need or want, whether it was something that needed to be done soon, or over time. Fay came in to talk to me about prices and what we were going to be doing that day in detail. Then Wilma came in and started my deep cleaning that i was in for. She was so gentle and constantly checked  in with me to make sure i was ok.

As much as i loved my last dentist, she is way too far for me and i was so very lucky to have found CCIND. I wanted to find a dentist who was knowledgeable and honest. Someone i can confide in and trust that he will make sure i get done what is best for me. I can get everything i need and feel confident that he will keep my best interest at heart. That is how Dr.Sid made me feel. That’s what makes a great dentist.

I am so grateful to my yelp friends for referring me here! Searching for a good, reliable, and honest dentist is not the easiest to find. Thanks again to yelp and to this office for their wonderful services