Miguel R.

Miguel R.


Questions for the dentist

Questions for the dentist you say?

Questions bother most front office staff, dentists and their assistants. They just don’t have time for you.

That’s just not the case at CCIND!

I had tons of questions for Nadar in the front office. I had tons of questions for Wilma and then for Dr. Sid. They were all professionally and patiently answered. Best of all these questions were answered with warm smiles. Even better, they aren’t condescending here like so many “professionals” out there. They break all the info down into plain English instead of trying to impress you with gobbledygook jargon.

I came in for my first teeth whitening ever. I wasn’t scared at all and really there is no reason to be. The teeth whitening process, which lasts three 15 minute sessions, is virtually painless. Bring an ipod so you can listen to something while you sit in the dentist’s chair. You can’t text or take calls during the process so I insist, don’t forget your ipod.

The moment I walked in to the office I could tell the whitening was going to be well done. The facade and the interior are very aesthetically pleasing. They have a nice Spanish/Colonial Mexican look going on here.The office interior is a warm and inviting space. ┬áHave you ever been to a dentist’s office that had a cold ambience? Not here! The bathroom is immaculate and has nice decor. Cleanliness is key in a dental office and you see it everywhere here so it’s pretty obvious that they give it the proper importance in all aspects. If they have a clean, orderly office you can totally confide in their dental work!

The office is conveniently located for me as I work on the West side now. They have a lot in the rear so you won’t have to pay for parking.

I’m very happy with CCIND and recommend it to anyone that wants great dental work along with a smile!