Mocha G.

Mocha G.


I have been going to Dr Sid Solomon for about 4 years. First started off with general exam, cleaning work. Was extremely pleased with the work. I always have anxiety dealing with going to the dentist. I love how they listen and pay attention to my needs and concerns.

Next big step in 2012 was my 2 step gum graffing surgery. WOW painful procedure. BUT I couldn’t imagine being with any other doctor. The staff was incredible for comforting me from begging to end. They even gave me their cell # incase I needed to get in touch with them during my 1 week of healing. Truly amazing. I wish other doctors and staff were this accommodating.

Then last week June 2013 I went in for teeth whitening Zoom II, wow my results were amazing. Its so funny how you are able to watch a movie while you are being bleached. I guess that’s the state of the art dentist office that I am involved with ha ha. Its nice to be able to occupy your time with a movie while getting a procedure done.

My overall opinion is that Dr Solomon’s office and staff are truly one of a kind. I appreciate all the work they have done for me to maintain my smile, which # trait I carry. My smile is everything. There is no one I would rather trust. If I moved out of state, I would literally have to fly to LA to get my teeth maintained