Sandra V.

Sandra V.


FULL DISCLOSURE: ┬ábefore yesterday, I hadn’t been to the dentist in a VERY LONG TIME.

I mean long; embarrassingly long; like I’m not even going to tell you how long because you’re going to be grossed out.

This period of lax oral hygiene was due partially to a lack of dental insurance, but also because as the years ticked by, I grew more and more convinced that the accumulated plaque buildup was the only thing keeping my teeth from falling out of my mouth (again, gross right??).

So when I had the chance to check out Dr. Solomon and his crew, I took a deep breath and made the appointment. Now, having made it to the other side, I can confidently say I’m happy I finally bit the bullet.

First off, the office was quite comfortable and relaxing. Nothing like the austere waiting rooms of yore with fumes of novocaine wafting about. Actually, there was no smell at all–what a relief. One whiff of that scent can send me into a panic.

My hygienist, Wilma, was THE BEST. Great chair-side manner; a calm presence who did not lecture me about how lazy I am about flossing (I know! I know!). The cleaning, which I was most scared about, was not even close to as torturous as I thought it was going to be. Wilma was fast, gentle, and recommend several products that would help me get better at-home results. She also loaded me up with a shit-ton of floss so I’d be prepared wherever I go–no excuses!

My time with Dr. Solomon was brief but pleasant. After taking a look at my x-rays, he found four small cavities that need filling, and suggested I get my permanent retainer removed, as it’s aiding in plaque buildup. He said, considering my lag time between visits, that the state of my mouth is really quite healthy, which to me was a pleasant surprise, as I was especially worried my gums, which tend to bleed easily. But no, no sign of gum disease.

Going in, I was expecting the worst, but after my experience with Dr. Solomon and his staff, I am now a hearty advocate of regular oral care, and would recommend them to anyone looking for superior, amiable dental service.